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Friday, March 11, 2005

New Tarot Article Coming Soon - Sex and the Tarot

People arrive at my door wanting a tarot reading for a multitude of reasons. Relationships, business, love, money...but never sex! Nope, sex is the big taboo word. It is extremely rare for anyone, whether they be male or female to actually sit down in front of me and say...hey I'd really like this reading because I currently have an issue with sex....such as, not enough of it, a sexual problem, an emotional inhibition attached to enjoying sex etc etc.

Yet once I start a reading sex shows its face...either by the lack of it, the emotions surrounding it, or the shear pleasure of it.

It is amazing how many problems related to love, family, business...yes business!...can be easily sorted once the individual is satisfied in their sex life.

Hence I've started writing a two part, or maybe even three part article, on which tarot cards means what in relation to sex. The first installment of my sex and the tarot article will cover the minor cards of batons and cups.

Tarot is a serious subject, and so is sex, but hopefully you will find my articles lighthearted and with just a hint of humour...after all the thing that makes us smile the most is when we recognise some part of ourselves...and hopefully you will, because tarot relates to us all.

I'm busy over the next couple of days teaching but with any luck I should have my new material finished and uploaded early next week,

until then take care and I'll see you all back here soon,